Sponsored Sessions

Attendees must RSVP prior to arriving on-site for the following sponsored sessions. Sign-up links can be found below the session information.


Friday, October 13

Dupuytren's Contracture: A Clinical Review
Presented by Endo Pharmaceuticals
Richard A. Brown, MD, Scripps Memorial Hospital

Location: OC Salons 2, 3 & 4
6:00 AM - 7:30 AM
Breakfast will be provided


Stay Ahead of the Curve: Don’t become a Malpractice Case Study - RSVP Now!
Presented by Healthcare Providers Service Organization
Kate Fox, Vice President at HPSO

Location: OC Salon 1
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

This session will enable Occupational therapists to understand the nature of medical malpractice claims, through the exploration of current claims data against OTs across the country.  HPSO will review the nature of claims, injuries and outcomes from both a risk and a fiscal perspective.  HPSO will also review claim scenarios as a didactic tool with a focus on risk management.


FastForm, Highly Conformable Upper Extremity Splinting, Hands-on Session - RSVP Now!
Presented by Breg, Inc.
Cynthia Henderson, OTC, CO

Location: OC Salon 2
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

The FastForm technology creates a custom-moldable, lightweight and strong orthosis that also allows patients to shower and swim like normal. The products can be used as a splint, cast or brace and are intuitive and mess-free when applied. It is quick and easy to fit and can be remolded as needed. During this session, we will demonstrate how to create custom splints for the hand and wrist using the FastForm Versi Sheet and Hand Based Thumb Spica Orthosis (HTSO). Examples of these custom splints are extension blocks, tendon and finger splints as well as an orthosis for CMC injuries.  The attendees will then get the opportunity to touch, feel, and mold the products.


Tips and Tricks for the Push® MetaGrip® - RSVP Now!
Presented by BraceLab (sister company of HandLab)
Judy Colditz, OT/L, CHT, FAOTA

Location: OC Salon 3
12:45 PM - 1:15 PM

Have your questions answered about the sizing, fitting, care, adaptation and patient appropriateness for the MetaGrip® orthosis for thumb CMC osteoarthritis.  Receive a copy of our White Paper, which explains how such a small brace can be so effective in stabilizing the first metacarpal without immobilizing it! Learn what patients, therapists and researchers are saying about the MetaGrip’s effectiveness.

Saturday, October 14

Biomechanics of Wrist Instabilities- Part 1 - RSVP Now!
Presented by North Coast Medical
Shrikant Chinchalkar, B.Sc.OT, M.Th.O, OTR, CHT

Location: OC Salon 3 & 4
6:00 AM - 7:30 AM
Breakfast will be provided

Carpal instability is defined as dislocation either static or dynamic with a loss of contact between the distal carpal row and proximal carpal row in relation to the radioulnar joint. Common symptoms reported by patients include pain, sudden loss of motion control, and at times clunking associated with pain and weakness. Untimely identification and inadequate management of carpal instabilities will cause abnormal intercarpal and radiocarpal loads, ultimately leading to degeneration at the articular surfaces. In order to understand carpal instability, an understanding of the anatomy of the wrist joint and the kinematics of the carpal bones is imperative.


Prosthetic Solutions for Partial Hand Amputations - RSVP Now!
Presented by Hanger Clinic
Ken Hung, CP
Joyce Tyler, OTR/L, CHT

Location: OC Salon 2
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Often loss of a digit is seen as a “minor” amputation, but a “minor” amputation is not equal to a “minor” effect. People with partial hand amputations often perceive themselves to be more disabled than those with unilateral transradial or transhumeral upper limb amputations. Many are unable to return to their previous employment. This presentation provides a detailed overview of prosthetic solutions for individuals with partial hand loss. The focus will identify features/benefits/limitations of these options, and identify which patients will most benefit from these devices. Case presentations and demonstrator units will be used.


Introduction to MyoPro: The Only Device That Can Restore Function to Paralyzed Arms and Hands - RSVP Now!
Presented by Myomo, Inc.
Lauren Wengerd, MS, OTR/L

Location: OC Salon 3
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

The Head of the Department of PM&R at Harvard Medical School and Chief of PM&R at Massachusetts General Hospital calls it “…extremely important. This could enable people to change how they live their lives, at home or in a workplace.”   The past president of AOPA calls it “one of the most exciting products to come along to the O&P world in the last decade”.  You owe it to yourself to learn about MyoPro®, the only wearable device that can restore function in the paralyzed or weakened arms and hands of individuals who have suffered a stroke, nerve injury, or other neuromuscular disability.

Biomechanics of Wrist Instabilities- Part 2 - RSVP Now!
Presented by North Coast Medical
Shrikant Chinchalkar, B.Sc.OT, M.Th.O, OTR, CHT

Location: OC Salon 4
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM

The wrist is an intricate joint with complex motion and function and is comprised of several articulations. These articulations are formed by various anatomical structures with varying degrees of curvatures and congruencies supported by the ligamentous elements, controlled by musculotendinous units, and based on precise proprioceptive input from various ligaments. The meticulous normal functioning of the hand is dictated by the stability and mobility of the carpus, allowing the hand to grasp objects in a variety of wrist positions. This presentation discusses the altered wrist kinematics as well as hands-on application of Comfort Cool Ulnar Booster for wrist instabilities.